Tamro Baltics

​Tamro Baltics is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic region, as well as a leading Baltic pharmacy operator.

Tamro Baltics is part of the international PHOENIX group, which operates pharmaceutical distribution in 23 European countries.

Tamro offers comprehensive wholesale services to supply pharmaceuticals and other products to pharmacies and hospitals. In addition, Tamro can take care of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain for manufacturers through its supplier services. These include storage, transport, goods management, and billing, in addition to other services.

The retail network of almost 250 pharmacies serves customers in all three countries. In addition to pharmaceuticals, offer an attractive range of health and well-being products, like food supplements, skin care products, etc.

Tamro Baltics Mission and Vision

Our vision

To be the first choice and most reliable partner in pharmaceutical retail, wholesale and pre-wholesale, and to become one of the top brands in the Baltic markets.

Our mission

We contribute to people’s health, beauty, and well-being.


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Tamro Baltics in short 

Tamro has a vitally important role in the Baltics well-being chain: We ensure that pharmacies, hospitals and other health care service providers are quickly and reliably supplied with the pharmaceuticals and other products they need.

Tamro Baltics has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tamro Baltics is a part of PHOENIX group, one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical distributors.​

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Tamro Headquarters

Pärnu mnt. 501, Laagri, 76401, Harjumaa 
Phone: + 372 650 3600
E-mail: info.ee@tamro.com

Noliktavu street 5, Dreilini, Stopini mun.,
Riga reg., LV-2130
Phone: + 371 67 067 800
E-mail: info.lv@tamro.com

9-ojo Forto g.70, Kaunas, LT-48179 
Phone: + 370 37 401 099
E-mail: info.lt@tamro.com

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