Corporate responsibility

For Tamro Baltics corporate responsibility is obviously not just a moral obligation but also a strategic necessity.

The supply of pharmaceuticals as part of the health care chain is among the society's critical functions that are subject to extremely stringent requirements for the level of quality, continuity, resilience and efficiency. 

At the core of Tamro Baltics corporate responsibility lies the quality of our operations and its continuous development and monitoring. We work to ensure the safety, stability and cost-efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain and high quality and availability of products. 

Tamro Baltics corporate responsibility also includes fair business operations and performance, environment care and good work environment.  With regard to these elements it is important to note that all operative and financial results are sought through ethical business and fair competition practices.

Tamro Baltics complies with the relevant environmental regulations and continuously develops and improves its operations and technologies so as to minimise the amount of waste and CO2 emissions resulting from its business. In terms of Tamro Baltics employees, being able to offer all employees a work environment that is sage and that promotes their wellbeing and health is a matter of utmost importance for Tamro Corporate responsibility.  


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Tamro Baltics in short 

Tamro has a vitally important role in the Baltics well-being chain: We ensure that pharmacies, hospitals and other health care service providers are quickly and reliably supplied with the pharmaceuticals and other products they need.

Tamro Baltics has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tamro Baltics is a part of PHOENIX group, one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical distributors.​

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Tamro Headquarters

Pärnu mnt. 501, Laagri, 76401, Harjumaa 
Phone: + 372 650 3600

Noliktavu street 5, Dreilini, Stopini mun.,
Riga reg., LV-2130
Phone: + 371 67 067 800

9-ojo Forto g.70, Kaunas, LT-48179 
Phone: + 370 37 401 099

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