We are an important and reliable employer with a proven track record in pharmaceutical distribution.

At Tamro Baltics, we work every day to ensure on-time deliveries of pharmaceuticals and other health and well-being products to pharmacies, hospitals and retailers across Baltics. To do this, we employ a large number of professionals in various fields including pharmacy operations, logistics, sales and marketing, IT and financial administration.

We take constant steps to ensure the well-being of our personnel in everyday operations. Tamro Baltics aims to create a good workplace for every employee by investing in the well-being and personal development of our personnel.

Skilled personnel is the foundation for Tamro Baltics success. We provide versatile training for all employee groups in fields such as management and leadership, business and IT skills as well as sales and language skills. We encourage and support competence development in different roles. We also provide development opportunities by deepening the employee’s competence in his or her current role.

We want to ensure a smooth start for all new Tamro Baltics employees. Each new employee receives a general introduction as well as induction to his or her specific duties. Health and safety in Tamro’s operations include the prevention of illness and injury, and the promotion of well-being in the workplace.​


Head of HR Tamro Baltics and Tamro Eesti

Liina Kippasto

+372 6503 608

Head of HR Tamro Latvia

Kristine Vanaga

+371 670 67 809

Head of HR Tamro Lietuva

Rasa Slauskienė

+370 37 401071

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Tamro Baltics in short 

Tamro has a vitally important role in the Baltics well-being chain: We ensure that pharmacies, hospitals and other health care service providers are quickly and reliably supplied with the pharmaceuticals and other products they need.

Tamro Baltics has offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tamro Baltics is a part of PHOENIX group, one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical distributors.​

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Tamro Headquarters

Pärnu mnt. 501, Laagri, 76401, Harjumaa 
Phone: + 372 650 3600

Noliktavu street 5, Dreilini, Stopini mun.,
Riga reg., LV-2130
Phone: + 371 67 067 800

9-ojo Forto g.70, Kaunas, LT-48179 
Phone: + 370 37 401 099

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